Friday, August 2, 2013

Buffalo Teeth Necklace!

This was my first take at doing taxidermy/animal jewelry! I've been collecting taxidermy for a few months now and i've recently jumped into making jewelry out of teeth, bones, jaws, claws, etc. I'm super excited to launch this piece too! It feature REAL buffalo teeth that are about 2-3 inches long. I've also added some beads made out of bones(these are usually made from buffalo bones as well).

Since I haven't had the chance to really break down an animal from scratch(especially not a buffalo!) these were bought from a Native American company in Arizona. I really liked the way they handled everything though shipping is quite expensive, i'm assuming since everything is so fragile and must be handled with care. Everything arrived in tact in neat little baggies. Needless to say i was happy.

As soon as i got back from vacation i made this and i'm as happy as ever! waiting for it to get a nice new home!

I'm also trying to keep my prices as low as possible while still keeping the quality high. Although I'm just starting out i try and make everything as best as i possibly can.

Also all the funds go to helping me further my education:)! Onwards to Mortuary School!

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