Sunday, August 11, 2013

Freshly Made: Coffin Rings

I'm thinking of keeping the black coffin
Halloween is just right around the corner and I'm planning on expanding the shop with some great, spooky cute Halloween jewelry. First up in line are these awesome coffin rings. They've got to be my favorite thing i've made so far. They're too cute. I was originally planning on selling all three, put now i'm thinking about keeping one for myself!:)

Once i finish all my bone crafts which will hopefully be by the end of this week then i'll go into overdrive for creating the rest of my Halloween crafts. I have to do so before i head back to school anyway! I also have 1 out of...i'm thinking 3 necklaces down, and a pocketwatch soon to come. The pocketwatch will be simple but the necklaces require more work! I figure i could sell these rings at about 5 dollars:)
Three Coffin Rings in Black Coffin, Wooden Coffin and Mahogany Casket.

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