Friday, August 2, 2013

Jerry and Minnie!

While not my first wet Specimens, these are some of the cutest ones i own! Meet Minnie:

And Jerry!

Minnie is a female rat specimen whose belly is shaved completely! You can see all the cute wrinkles in her skin. She on the large side, as she is bigger then Jerry. Jerry is a smaller male specimen whose got the cutest little mouth and tiny paws. He's absolutely adorable.

Both of these little critters came to me in a HUGE taxidermy package from a seller on etsy. Occasionally she will have some taxidermy items for sale, a chance i had to take once i came into some money. It was for a good cause too, the money helped her with some veterinarian bills! It was a curio cabinet full of all sorts of specimens and pieces(more posts about those to come!) These two lovelies were just the beginning of it. I love seeing all the small details like their tails,  Jerry's open mouth, the wrinkles on Minnie's skin and her flattened ears.

And although they're in simple jars I still find them oh so interesting.
 Currently I'm looking to buy rat or mouse skeletons as I've just bought my second piece of taxidermy jewelry.
It features a lovely rat skull in the center.
I love small critters like these because they have small bones and it's great for jewelry making.
I've begun the processes of making jewelry out of smaller bones and such, using handmade wooden coffins, black paint and resin.

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