Sunday, August 4, 2013

Pickles the Pig


Pickles was my very FIRST piece of taxidermy so she holds a special place in my heart. At least i think it's a she. It has teats so i assumed it was a girl. Anyway Pickles in a fully grown piglet, past the fetus stage and most likely a stillborn. I got it off of etsy(i forgot where though) and had to BEG my mother to get it for me. At that time i didn't have my own credit card so it had to go on her card. I payed her back with my entire allowance and never looked back. I love her little hooves and her umbilical cord that swishes about when you move the jar. Her eyes are peacefully closed although you cant really see the top of her head unless you open the jar. The thought to buy a pig came at a whim but it's what got me into taxidermy and I've expanded my collection since then.
Her chubby thighs crack me up and her little tail is adorable!

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