Saturday, August 17, 2013

Shop Update #1

I'm already nearing 100 products in my store i'm hoping to sell more of them soon. Things are still getting too crowded with all my crafts so i'm hoping some of my items sale now. I'm planning on creating flyers to try and spread the word once I reach campus. I'm trying as much as i can to get the word out which is why i'm trying all social network platforms i can. So Far nothing seems to be working as i've only made sales to family and friends.

Anyway since Halloween is just around the corner i've decided to make a few Halloween inspired necklaces.

The "Admit One" and "Vampire" necklaces are reversible and have different patterns so you can wear them any way you'd like. Click on the link for more pictures!

The Witching Hour can be either a choker necklace or a pocketwatch, on the customers preference. And of course the coffin rings are now for sale!

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