Friday, August 2, 2013

Steampunk Part 2!

Part 1!

This is one of the bigger and slightly heavier pieces I've done. It was sort of difficult to try and find something to accent the "switch" as i call it. The knob in the center used to move but it continued to fall out when i set it on the necklace so in turn i had to glue it. It doesn't move anymore but i love the kind of gold, green rustic look to the whole thing. Like I said it was tough trying to figure out accents to go along with it. I wanted the switch to be the center of attention and sort of play off the green a little. but howwwwww???

I decided on these awesome teal/turquoise beads that i had since most of my green were like St. Patrick's day green, lol! That definitely didn't fit into his piece. Of course i had to add mini clock faces and a lock and key. These were great brassy looking pieces. I suppose the center looks like an antique doorbell. I really love it!:)

Golden Switch


I found this jar at my local craft store and i knew i had to make something of it. It's a wishbone jar filled with tiny plastic wishbones! How cute is that?! I also didn't want to glue shit the cork. I wanted the buyer to be able to take out the wishbones, play, see, feel them. Instead i added a bit of twine and hooked a copper(or silver)chain. I also made a pair of wishbones into earrings with the matching twine! Earrings: Measures about 2 inches. Twine Decorates the top of the jar, wrapping around to create a  delicate loop which dangles from the earring hook.   Chain measures about 12". Jar is 1.75" highx 1"wide.
Comes with a cute printed label that says "wishes"
  SImple wooden cork to hold all your wishbones!                                                                                                                                                       

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