Friday, August 2, 2013


I tried my hand at creating steampunk jewelry! This was my very FIRST time trying anything within the subculture. Guaranteed my things aren't as complicated and fancy as the extreme(and talented!) artists/creators that make steampunk props and jewelry but I like it for anyone who's taking their first steps like I am!

My materials were really easy to find. I found gears, keys, locks, even larger pieces that included lightbulbs and knobs at my local craft store. Then it was time to get creative.

I mean anyone can get things from their craft store but it's what you do with those things that really makes your jewelry stand out.

I'm trying to make my jewelry as unique as possible. I don't want a crazy jewelry empire, i just want to share my crafts with the world and people who find it beautiful enough to buy.

Here's some pictures of my latest creations!:

This beauty was an absolute joy to make! It was fairly easy to find a nice pocket watch base, but i didn't want a traditional pocketwatch of course! Steampunk is about taking the traditional and making it extraordinary. I added copper gears and keys against the clockface to make it better then a regular old pocketwatch. Pocketwatches are some other things i collect and i would love to have one of these in my collection!

Steampunk Pocketwatch

I also tried my hand at making a large statement piece by using an essential part of steampunk: GEARS! Gears, gears and more gears. It's amazing how many types of gears their are even if they are just craft ones. I've gotten started on breaking down some old watches that my aunt gave me so I'll be using any pieces and parts that come with those for my next jewelry. Anyway this necklace has 5 large gears attached to a silver chain. I love going back to simplicity after making something a bit more complicated like the pocketwatch.

Gear Necklace

Part 2 Coming Soon!

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